Please read the following rules, the observance of which will allow us to ensure your pleasant and safe stay:

These regulations govern the use of the monitored unguarded parking lot, whose manager is CONSULTING, TRADE & CONSTRUCTIONS Maciej Kozlowski, hereinafter referred to as the Manager. Within the meaning of these Regulations, the user of the parking lot is the person using the parking lot (the person driving the vehicle) or the owner of the vehicle, in case it is not possible to determine the identity of the driver of the vehicle, the user is considered to be, in particular, the person driving the vehicle at the time of entering or leaving the parking lot. The place for parking vehicles is a separate area in the Parking Lot.
Parking is an area designated only for the guests of Poleczki Residence Apartments.
The Rules and Regulations are available to the public and can be found in a prominent place at the entrance to the Parking Lot and on the website:

(1) Entrance to the parking area is tantamount to the conclusion of a parking space lease agreement between the User and the Manager under the terms and conditions specified in these Regulations;
(2) Each user of a vehicle by entering the parking area agrees to the terms of these Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.

In the Parking Area:
(1) The rules of vehicle and pedestrian traffic contained in the Law of June 20, 1997 shall apply.
– Traffic Law (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 108, item 908 as amended).
(2) It is prohibited to park vehicles outside the places designated for parking (in case of failure to comply with this recommendation, the car will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner).
(3) It shall be prohibited to park vehicles in parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities other than users of vehicles holding a valid parking card, as referred to in Art. 8(3) of the Traffic Law, placed in a conspicuous place behind the windshield of the vehicle.
4. a speed limit of 10 km/h is in effect.
(5) The vehicle, after being placed in a parking space, should be immobilized, have the ignition, lights, windows, doors and trunk closed. The user is obliged to turn off radio equipment left in the vehicle.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to enter vehicles carrying flammable, corrosive, explosive and other similar materials and substances that can create hazards to persons and property.
(7) The user shall protect his vehicle from theft on his own.

(1) The Manager shall not be liable for any damage caused by force majeure, the elements, theft (burglary, robbery, etc.), robbery, destruction of or damage to vehicles located in the Parking Lot, as well as things left in them or their equipment.
(2) The Manager’s liability for traffic damage to vehicles and persons using the Parking Lot caused by the actions of Users or third parties is excluded.

1 The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(2) The Manager shall have the sole right to decide on the closure and opening of the Parking Lot on the dates set by him.
(1) In case of violation of the provisions of these Regulations by the User, the Administrator may terminate the parking space rental agreement without notice with immediate effect and apply the measures necessary to restore compliance with the Regulations, including removal of the vehicle from the Parking Lot, or application of a mechanical lock on the vehicle.
(2) The manager shall be authorized to remove the vehicle from the Parking Lot in case of emergency and legitimate danger. The User shall be obliged to cover the costs associated with the removal of the vehicle from the Parking Lot and its protection and storage until the vehicle is collected by the User or pay an additional fee in the amount specified by separate regulations.
3. the User of the vehicle shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Manager and third parties by the vehicle or arising in connection with the use of the parking space, in particular for contamination of the Parking area due to leakage of fluids from the vehicle (leakage of oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc.). The user in such a case is financially responsible for both the removal of the vehicle and the polluting substances on the pavement.
(4) In case of non-payment of the fee, the Administrator may apply a mechanical means of immobilizing the vehicle until the User pays the appropriate fees ( including the additional fee specified in the fee schedule, which is an integral part of the Regulations.

Inspection of compliance with the terms and conditions of the parking space lease agreement is carried out throughout the parking lot by persons authorized by the Administrator.

The following is prohibited in the Parking Lot:
1. alcohol consumption;
2. littering and destruction of equipment;
3. washing and vacuuming of vehicles;
4. replacement or replenishment of fluids in vehicles – coolant, oil, etc.
5. activities that do not comply with OSH and fire safety regulations;
6. behavior contrary to the rules of social intercourse or interfering with the use of the Parking Lot.

An integral part of the Regulations is the Price List for parking services effective from 01.01.2023 until further notice.

All complaints and requests related to the use of the Parking Lot should be reported to the Property Owner through the Hotel Reception.

1. daily fee – passenger car: 25 PLN
2. weekly fee – passenger car: 160 PLN
3. monthly fee – passenger car: 690 PLN
4 Daily fee – coach: 120 PLN

We wish you a pleasant stay!