AVAILABLE ROOMS: 220 m2 up to 200 persons / 60 m2 up to 60 persons / 30 m2 up to 30 persons

Well-equipped training rooms

We encourage all companies and institutions that organize training courses and conferences to cooperate with us. We have properly prepared facilities and professionally equipped halls. Especially for this type of event, we have prepared a dedicated conference menu. At the same time, we emphasize that we are flexible and serve customized menus according to individual dietary requirements upon request.

Spacious and air-conditioned halls

To ensure the effectiveness of a training course or workshop, it is important to remember that in addition to the merit of the presenter, the room is an important element. That’s why we offer several rooms of varying sizes so that organizers can choose the best option for their needs in terms of the number of participants and the nature of the training. Each of our halls is well equipped and provides excellent acoustics, air conditioning, heating and blackout capabilities. In addition, according to the preferences of the organizers, we can prepare different table settings.

Comfort first

Taking care of the comfort and convenience of our guests, including organizers and training participants, is very important to our company. Our conference rooms are ideal for various types of training, as well as recruitment meetings. Each room is equipped with the necessary equipment, such as an overhead projector, screen, flipchart with paper and markers for writing. In addition, welcome water and writing kits are provided for each trainee. All of our rooms are well lit with natural light, which promotes the concentration of participants. In addition, during a presentation from the projector, we can properly darken the windows to ensure excellent visibility of the image on the screen for all trainees.


We provide a special accommodation offer for conference and meeting participants – please contact the Reception for details.

Lunch and coffee service

Studies show that training is rated higher when organizers provide snacks and meals during breaks. With us, guests can use the services of our restaurant and order a coffee break, lunch or dinner for participants.


  • lunch/dinner – soup, main course, dessert, drinks (2- or 3-course set)
  • coffee break – STANDARD and PREMIUM option
  • room equipped with equipment, writing kit, welcome water


  • air conditioning
  • wi-fi
  • screen, multimedia projector
  • publicity
  • flipchart with paper and writing kit
  • natural lighting with blackout capability
  • welcome water for each participant

Possible room settings:

Room type / Setup Rental price
Small room 30m2 36 people 24 people 18 people 450 PLN + 23% VAT
Larger hall 60m2 70 people 40 people 28 people 750 PLN + 23% VAT
Restaurant/Lobby 200 people 50 people 50 people 2000 PLN + 23% VAT

Included in the price of room rental:

  • air-conditioned room with natural lighting equipped with screen, projector, sound system, flipchart with writing set
  • Wi-Fi
  • welcome water

Other prices:

  • STANDARD all-day coffee break (shortbread cookies, seasonal fruits, coffee, tea, fruit juices, water with lemon) 45 PLN/person. + 23%VAT
  • PREMIUM all-day coffee break (mix of mini sandwiches, 3 types of cakes, fruit, coffee, tea, fruit juices, water with lemon) 60 PLN/person + 23%VAT
  • lunch/dinner for a group served – 2 courses (soup, main course) 65 PLN/person, 3 courses (soup, main course, dessert) 80 PLN/person + 8%VAT – menu attached.
  • Buffet lunch/dinner – 2 soups, 2 main meat dishes, vege dish, fish dish, mixed salads/vegetables, 2 starchy side dishes, fruit, choice of desserts -. 110 -190 PLN/person. + 8% VAT (depending on the menu selected)
  • occasional buffet/catering – 180 – 220 PLN/person. + 8%VAT (communions, baptisms, consolations)